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S20 Series

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Product Details

※ ≥ 80% motor efficiency performance & wide interval

※  60 Nm max torque continuous output

※  Integrated torque sensor and speed sensor

※  Lora-technology based wireless torque sensor

※  Over 20,000 extensive testing kilometers under real live road conditions


SeriesS20 Series
Model No.


Usage RecoomendationeCity/eTrekking/eRoad/eFold
Rated Voltage36V48V
Rated Power250W250W
Pedal Sensor

Cadence and Torque Integrated

Maximum Possible Drive Torque60Nm
Max Torque70Nm
Size229mm × 92mm × 85mm
Weight approx.2.9kg(Al)/2.6kg(Mg)
Efficienct (%)≥80
Shaft StandardISIS
Light Drive CapacityDC6V/3W
Operating Temperature-20 ~ 45 ℃
IP RatingIPX5
Magnesium AlloyOptional

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