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Suzhou Wanjia Electric Co., Ltd.


From a start-up to one of the leading manufacturers of eBike drive systems

About Us

Founded in 2003, Suzhou Wanjia Electric Co,.Ltd.(VINKA) is a national high-tech enterprise with R&D, manufacturing, and sales integration. Covering an area of 30,000 square meters, VINKA divides its operation into three business sectors: Appliance, Automobile Parts and eBike Drive System. 

VINKA has shifted its main focus on electric bicycle drive system since 2014 and has successfully and independently researched and developed mid-motor, hub motor, display, controller, torque sensor, AIOT and others, which have obtained over 70 invention patents, utility model and software copyrights at home and overseas. 

For comprehensive and professional service, VINKA has established its own after-sales service center in Japan, Netherland, Czech Republic, Canada and America. Vinka now has ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ISO/TS16949 certification approval and has its all products with EN15194-2017 and UL certification. 

What Vinka has been pursuing is to provide a safe, quality, sustainable and innovative mobility solution for the customer.

Mission & Vision

Our advantages

  • MFG advantage
  • Qualification advantage
  • R&D advantage
  • Scale advantage

● More than ten years' cooperation with many world-class companies according to high manufacturing standards

● Guarantee of high integration automation equipment

● In-house manufacturing of core parts of the whole system

● Comprehensive team covering electronics,software, machinery, automation and other fields

● National High-tech Enterprise

● lSO9001

● lSO14001

● OHSAS18001

● lSO/TS16949

● EN15194-2017/UL

● 20 years of automobile R&D level

● lnternational top foreign technical leaders

● Establishment of R&D center of Suzhou University

● Establishment of WTDP laboratory authorized

● More than 70 patents

● Leading capital scale in industry

● Invests in the establishment of R&D/sales/after-sales in Europe

● After-sales capabilities in major customer regions around the world

● Enterprises listed on science and Technology lnnovation Board

● Two sub-factories

● R&D subsidiary

Our Timeline

  • 2003

    VINKA establishment;

    Household Appliances Business Division establishment

  • 2005

    ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificate approval;

    The Automobile Parts Business Division establishment

  • 2006

    Japan after-sales service center establishment;

    OHSAS18001 certificate approval

  • 2008

    ISO/TS16949 quality management system certificate approval

  • 2010

    IS014001 certificate approval; 

    ERP/CRM/PLM/MES application in industry systematic management system

  • 2011

    Soochow University-based Industry-university-research Institute establishment, promoting productivity revolution with Sc...

  • 2012

    Being awarded National High-tech Enterprise

  • 2014

    The eBike Drive System Division establishment;

    IoT R&D center establishment

  • 2015

    Being awarded the qualification of Suzhou Intelligent Electrical Vehicle Engineering Research Center

  • 2017

    The VINKA European Branch establishment;

    European R&D/Sales/After-sales service center establishment

  • 2018

    Obtain global international patent and trademark;

    The number of core patents has exceeded fifty

  • 2019

    USA after-sales service center establishment;

    EN15194:2017, IS013849 certificate approval